Our Story


Beginning in my early twenties, I have worked in product and apparel design and manufacturing for large and small companies, as well as for myself. My success with all endeavors has come from my ability to approach each design challenge with a sensible and effective solution that is well tailored to the desired audience.

My notions of great design are rooted in the styles of both of my parents. My mother’s was classic, simple, uncluttered, timeless and unswayed by the tidal pool of fads. My father, likewise, bought infrequently but well. A well considered pair of boots, expertly and beautifully stitched, lasted him as far back as my memory will go.

From them have come the cornerstones of my design—simplicity, functionality, quality and exquisite detail. I like to design products that reference the best of the past and tell a story as their use is passed on to future generations.